A Bigger Perspective

Dear Sangha,
Yesterday we read together about half of Pema’s chapter, “Taking a Bigger Perspective.’ We talked about the wider vision possible when the walls of our ego are seen through. We tried to decide what Pema meant when she said we are “always standing in the middle of a sacred circle.” We looked up “sacred.”

imagesPema says, “This room is not the sacred circle.  .  . Wherever you go for the rest of your life, you’re always in the middle of the universe and the circle is always around  you. Everyone who walks up to you has entered that sacred space, and it’s not an accident. Whatever comes into the space is there to teach you.”

That simple paragraph actually has a lot to consider. In what way are we always in the center? In what way is that space sacred? We talked about the idea of a solid self, and how when that begins to be seen through, and we begin to see the world around us as our own projection, then we see that we actually create that world. Hence, we’re in the middle of it. This is a lot to take in unless we’ve put in our time on the cushion. Even then, some teachings we just have to hear and trust that images-1eventually, understanding will come.

Janet will be leading next week. Many thanks!

Also, there is a sangha member who lives near the corner of Cass and Airport Road who is going to need a ride if he is able to continue to come. He uses a wheelchair. If you are able to help out with this, let me know.