Buddha’s Enlightenment

Dear Sangha,
imgresThThe last chapter–except for the epilogue–of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind is called “Buddha’s Enlightenment.”

This is almost impossible to talk about. So here is a flower on the page. You can look at it and smile. Suzuki says,”When we ask what Buddha nature is, it vanishes; but when we just practice zazen [when we meditate], we have full understanding if it.”

We talked about the word “understanding,” and how this relates to “knowledge” in the sense of collecting concepts for ourselves to be able to manipulate.  It seems that the “understanding” is very different. We can’t see it or say anything that makes sense about it. So, we keep talking around it, hoping to get something more clear. It seems that this talk (and study) is necessary, to keep pushing to our conscious mind’s limit.

imagesSo, here are a few interesting lines: “We should always be alert enough to communicate with our without words.”

“Without trying to be Buddha, you are Buddha. This is how we attain enlightenment. To attain enlightenment is to be always with Buddha. By repeating the same thing over and over, we will acquire this kind of understanding.”

So we keep sitting and reading together and talking. Gradually a sense of what this is begins to show up.

And, speaking of sitting, our four-hour block sitting is this coming Sunday, from 2:30-6:30. Come for any portion of that you can.