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Dear Sangha,
imagesAfter the 4-hour block sitting tonight, those who were there decided to continue the Sunday night sangha at UU, with rotating leadership (not including me).  More on this later, and as things evolve. Janet will lead this coming Sunday and I’ll have more to report about how it goes. In any case, do show up next week and help be part of the planning.

I’ve cut the subscriber list for this site down to local people. If you’re not here and want to be, email me at I’ll soon revise the home page to reflect the changes.
With love,


Unless there’s so much snow. If the UU parking lot has not been plowed, we’ll need to call off the sitting. Please check here tomorrow for news.

Otherwise, I’ll be there from 2:30-6:30, and would dearly love company, even if we’re just sitting quietly together. Come if and when you can.


Dear sangha,
I’m sorry to pester you with messages this week. But I need to let you know that Janet will be leading meditation at UU at the usual time on Sunday, but the sanctuary is not available, so sitting will be in the back classroom. Go straight back or use the side door. Discussion will continue with additional information about options for sitting.

P.S. Next week I’ll be leading the First-Sunday-of-the-Month four-hour block sitting at UU.


An Opportunity

Dear Sangha,
Kozan passed this on to me. You may want to share it with others who would like a concise and intelligent introduction to Zen Buddhism. And of course you may be interested, yourself!

Intro to Buddhism and Zen Meditation Winter 2018

Still Talking. . . .

Dear Sangha,
imagesI met with the UU sangha on Sunday night. Several members are exploring other opportunities for sitting. They’ll be reporting back next week, so there WILL be a sitting and discussion next Sunday! Come if you can to talk over options. The group will be very glad for your input.

UU Sangha WILL meet next Sunday.

meditationDear sangha,
Janet has let me know that the group who met at UU on Sunday decided to individually check out various sitting options and report back next Sunday. So there WILL be a regular sitting and discussion next week at UU. Please be there if you can.


Dear Sangha,
Janet will be leading a sitting at the regular time, 5-6, tomorrow (Sunday) night, followed by a discussion about future support for the practice for those who have been sitting at UU. Please join her to discuss the kinds of support available and offer any information that might be helpful to others.

Your presence tomorrow would be supportive to Janet and to all those who’ve been sitting with us. I’ll send a message about any helpful information that comes from the meeting.
With love,

Four-Hour Sittings Will Continue Regularly!

Dear Sangha,
I am exceedingly happy to announce that Joy Zimke has volunteered to regularly lead the first-Sunday-of-the-month, four-hour sitting. This will continue to be available at UU, as always. I’ll lead the February sitting, in her absence.

downloadI ran across this poem and thought, should I send it for the new year? It’s not particularly bubbly with holiday cheer, but it seems finally right, so here it is.
Much love,

Hope is Not for the Wise

Hope is not for the wise, fear is for fools;
Change and the world, we think, are racing to a fall,
Open-eyed and helpless, in every newscast that is the news:
The time’s events would seem mere chaos but all
Drift the one deadly direction. But this is only
The August thunder of the age, not the November.
Wise men hope nothing, the wise are naturally lonely
And think November as good as April, the wise remember
That Caesar and even final Augustus had heirs,
And men lived on; rich unplanned life on earth
After the foreign wars and the civil wars, the border wars
And the barbarians: music and religion, honor and mirth
Renewed life’s lost enchantments. But if life even
Had perished utterly, Oh perfect loveliness of earth and heaven.

–Robinson Jeffers,