Dear Sangha,
“Inconvenience” seems a strange word to use for the practice, but it makes sense as Pema explains it. The discipline of the path is inconvenient. We sometimes end up doing what doesn’t come naturally. “Natural” is to stay asleep, to stumble along, living inside cliche, Being nice. Being obedient to what we think will reinforce our sense of self, will make us seem better.

downloadThe Buddhist practice causes us to leave shore, to become homeless, as Pema puts it. The truth is, there is nothing to fasten to. This is Pema: “Once you know that the purpose of life is to walk forward and continually to use your life to wake you up rather than put you to sleep, then there’s that sense of wholeheartedness about inconvenience, wholeheartedness about convenience.”

We have one more chapter to read in this book. Then we’ll be reading from a handout and deciding after that which book to take up. Have a happy Thanksgving! We’ll be in D.C. with daughters and son, grandchildren, sister and brother-in-law, nieces and nephews and their families. I’m so grateful we can all be together this year.images
With love,

P.S. Run, turkey!