No Escape

Dear Sangha,
imgres“For a fully enlightened being, the difference between what is neurosis and what is wisdom is very hard to perceive, because somehow the energy underlying both of them is the same. The basic creative energy of life. . .can be experienced as open, free, unburdened, full of possibility, energizing. Or this very same energy can be experienced as petty, narrow, stuck, caught.”

imgres-1This is Pema, talking about two sides, as she puts it, of the same coin. They are, together, the human condition. We don’t get to get out of it. Meditation helps us to get to know that basic energy “really well,” she says. We’re all different and our energies are different. We learn gradually what directions are good for us and what aren’t. We learn, as she says, what’s poison for us and what’s medicine. Basically, the practice comes down to learning to trust ourselves

But in order to do that, we have to see clearly. We have to see through our confusions so that our actions are authentic. We need to sit a lot!

We had a great discussion last night about ritual, the nature of religions, and basic sanity. Join us next week if you can.