Pema on Nowness

Dear Sangha,
imagesIt’s raining here at the lake. Kids went home yesterday. Now there’s the refrigerator to clean out, beds to change, wash, etc. So I’m thinking about change. Below is from Pema:

We are given changes all the time. We can either cling to security, or we can let ourselves feel exposed, as if we had just been born, as if we had just popped out into the brightness of life and were completely naked. Maybe that sounds too uncomfortable or frightening, but on the other hand, it’s our chance to realize that this mundane world is all there is, and we could see it with new eyes and at last wake up from our ancient sleep of preconceptions.

downloadThe truth, said an ancient Chinese master, is neither like this or like that. It is like a dog yearning over a bowl of burning oil. He can’t leave it because it is too desirable, and he can’t lick it because it is too hot. So how do we relate to that squeeze? Somehow, someone finally needs to encourage us to be inquisitive about this unknown territory and shout the unanswerable question of what’s going to happen next.

The moment of nowness is available in that moment of squeeze. In that awkward, ambiguous moment in our own wisdom mind. Right there in the uncertainty of everyday chaos is our own wisdom mind. 

Nora will be leading the sittings and discussion for the next three weeks. Nora is studying in the Shambala tradition and is a wonderful resource for us.