Quit Not Being Awake!

Dear sangha,
The group at UU on Sunday nights is studying Stepping Out of Self Deception, by Rodney Smith.  Smith in the first chapter talks a lot about patience. He says that “anticipation is actually counterproductive to the practice because by waiting to be fulfilled in the future, we drift away from what is immediately present.”

imagesHe goes on later to say, “The most important understanding for a lay Buddhist is the immediate availability of awakening. Awakening need not arrive after a long, protracted practice history unless we believe this is necessary. We deliberately delay our readiness because we are divided about what we really want. We practice until we are tired of preparing for what has always existed here and now, then we become quiet and surrender.”

You’d think that would be easy. :)

Join the group next Sunday to continue the conversation.

And–since I’ll be gone next week, I’ll mention this now–remember that on the first Sunday of every month, (April 1 this time) there is a four-hour block sitting–a perfect opportunity to sit with no interruption for as long as you can.