Red Hats and Blue Hats

Dear Sangha,

download┬áThe reading yesterday began with a story of a god who painted half his hat red and half blue. He paraded down the field. “We saw God!” the people on each side said. One side said he was red, the other said he was blue. There was escalation, building of walls, etc. Then he walked in the other direction. “Ah, you were right,” each┬áside said. Then he stood in the middle and turned around. Everyone laughed.

download-1Which has to do with judgment, and insufficient evidence, which is always the case. We can’t know everything. So, Pema says, “See what is. Acknowledge it without calling it right or wrong. See it clearly without judgment. Come back to the present moment.”

But then there is the issue of real wrongs that cry out to be righted, real suffering. We talked about that a long while, how we can act without clinging, and take care of what needs to be taken care of while maintaining a sense of space around our thoughts and our actions. Not easy to talk about, since we’re attempting to talk about both relative and absolute truth at the same time. Only a few skilled teachers can do this very well.

Join us next week. We’re launching into the chapter, “Weather and the Four Noble Truths.”