Dear sangha,

41GqLsnI9rLThe group at UU is going strong. Last Sunday was the four-hour block sitting.  A number of people came and went during that time. Coming up this Sunday, the discussion continues from Stepping Out of Self-deception, by Rodney Smith. Next week will begin page 7.

As you know, this is a very slow reading, passing a book around, if necessary, so that there’s plenty of time for reflecting, discussing, questioning.

Here’s a¬†quotation (edited) from the first chapter that explains how the author will be approaching the practice:
If we are looking for peace of mind, we will assume that our intruding thoughts are in opposition to the tranquility we seek, and we will look for peace in a mind that’s free from thinking. But if your destination is to understand what the mind is and who we are within it, then we will want to observe the nature of thought, what it is, and how it drives us.”

Please join the group on Sunday night from 5-7. You’ll be a welcome addition.